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Lofts conversions


Making the most of the space we have is particularly important when living in big cities such as London. A loft conversion is another very cost-effective method of improving your living comfort and increasing the value of your house. It is also available to homeowners with small space outside the house or no space at all, as loft conversion is an addition made to a top floor of your house.

Loft conversions have to be planned carefully and executed with a lot of expertise. In most cases no permission is needed, however it is a serious construction work. WR Service team has successfully completed many projects of this kind and will be happy to share our know-how with you. Our highly experienced team of builders, designers and installers work together to help you smoothly complete the project and fully enjoy your additional living space.

Please, keep in mind that the quality of the pictures may be poor. However, we are always willing to take you to the place so that you can see the professional works we do. All the pictures in our gallery have been taken entirely by our personnel (without the help of professional photographers).

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